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At our online coding bootcamps, other humans review your code. Their experience supports you in acquiring career-focused skills, securing your future in tech.

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If you could change the world with code, how would you do it?
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what you can do with code


Python, NumPy, SciPy, pandas, machine learning, AI and more.

For those who want to:

Learn essential software engineering and data science skills.
Learn how to clean up, analyse and interpret data in a practical and reliable way.
Build models in order to make reliable predictions about future data.
Create real apps and programs that parse, manage, store, and process data in all its forms.

Secure your future. Learn to code.

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From Sales consultant to Software Developer

“I believe the post-bootcamp support that HyperionDev offers is unmatched. Because of my really good LinkedIn profile, I was able to attract the attention of multiple CEOs and recruiters who then reached out to me to either set up an interview or to have me send through my CV. These CEOs and recruiters were from Cape Town, Johannesburg, and even Singapore.“


From Musician to Software Engineer

“The course did exactly what it described and that was to accelerate me into a position where I can start to apply and enter the tech industry. I believe that I gained a very solid foundation to enter the tech industry as an intern/junior developer.”


From Data Analyst to PHP Developer

"Before I started my bootcamp I was working as a general foreman for my younger brother’s company, GTP Holding. Fortunately for me, a month after graduating from HyperionDev I got a job as a data analyst, then 10 months later I got my current job as a developer."



</See what our alumni did with the power of code>

Code took us to the moon

52 Years ago, we landed on the moon for the first time.
Behind this iconic Apollo 11 space mission was approximately 40 000 lines of code, written by 24-year-old programmer Margaret Hamilton.

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Code is the new Cupid

Did you know that almost 22% of currently engaged couples met online?
Behind these life-long connections are powerful codebases and algorithms that are helping people find their perfect match.

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How code brought food to our fingertips

It all started with a hungry Italian king demanding a personal pizza pie delivery. Fast forward a few hundred years, and we can order anything from langoustine to lasagna with the tap of a button. The global food delivery app market is growing by the billions, and it’s only just getting started.

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</Just imagine what you can do with code>


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